Sanskrit takes a centrestage in Netflix’s Sacred Games.(Sacred Games 2/Netflix/YouTube)

The season 2 of the popular Netflix series Sacred Games will be premiering on August 15 and we can’t wait to discover what the new season has in store.

We expect the show to follow the trend where the episode titles are based on Hindu mythological stories from Sanskrit literature. The ancient (probably one of the oldest) and yet sophisticated language has become quite a buzz on the internet in the recent past.

Right from the first episode, titled Ashwathama, which relates to the story of a cursed character with a gem on his forehead destined to suffer endlessly. The frequent mention of the chant “Aham Brahmasmi”, meaning ‘I am the infinite reality’, by Gaitonde’s Guruji, a very popular term from Sanskrit literature. The story of Sacred Games has influenced the masses and spurred interest in Sanskrit.

We all know that Sanskrit is already popular in western pop culture, given that celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adam Levine have got themselves inked in Sanskrit. Traditional methods like Yoga and Ayurveda too have been extremely popular, the world over. Not only this, it’s also the Mandala (a circular figure representing the universe) which has also become a popular design trend.

Coming to season 2 of Sacred Games, are you curious to know what’s going to happen? Well, there is a way to predict the title of the episodes, let us tell you how.

Here is the first season’s logo. Notice the different icons in the corner circles? They are clues to what the episode title will be.

Sacred Games Season 1 logo ( Netflix/YouTube )

Now, have a look at this logo of the second season. Netflix used this logo at the end of every post they made on social media in the last few weeks. Do you see any difference?

Sacred Games Season 2 logo ( Netflix/YouTube )

Each icon in both seasons is different from one another. Now let’s try to decode what some of these icons might mean for the story.

Disclaimer: These are just guesses based on the stories present in Hindu mythology, there is a good chance the link to the episode could be entirely different.

Manu: The story of the first man

Linked to the story of Manu, this talks about the first man. It goes like this… the sage Manu caught a little fish that grew to giant size. When the flood approached, Manu saved himself by tying his boat to the horn on the fish’s head.

The connection to Sacred Games episode could be like this, the way Manu raised the fish and later the fish saved Manu’s life, the same way there could be an instance where Gaitonde’s life is saved.

The story of Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar

The Vamana Avatar is incarnated in a time of crisis to restore cosmic balance by creatively defeating the Asura king Mahabali, who had acquired disproportionate power over the universe.

Vishnu as Vamana appears at Mahabali’s ceremony. When Vamana’s turn comes to receive a gift, Mahabali offers him whatever riches and material wealth he would like, but Vamana refuses everything and states he would just like three paces of land (measured by walking three steps). Mahabali finds the request inconsequential and irrevocably grants it. Vamana then grows into a giant of cosmic proportions and claims the three worlds. Hence, restoring the balance in the universe.

The connection here can be of restoring the disproportionate power using creative measures.

Shiva Shakti Yantra

The two interlocked triangles resemble the Shiva Shakti Yantra. The downward-facing triangle represents the water and the upward-facing triangle represents the fire. Also representing the joining of the feminine and the masculine principles.

But, what could it mean for the story? We’ll find out soon enough.

Abhimanyu in the Chakravyuha

This symbol somewhat looks like the Chakravyuha from the Mahabharata. A difficult to penetrate multi-layered military formation. Abhimanyu learned the Chakravyūha while in his mother’s womb but he was not able to hear how to escape the formation.

In Sacred Games too, the entire first season looked like Gaitonde has created a trap where Sartaj got drawn in and found himself in a difficult spot. Could this mean that Sartaj won’t be getting out of it just like Abhimanyu?

After watching all the trailers and sneak peeks, it seems we are set to witness an even deeper layer of the story. And these hints have just heightened our curiosity.

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First Published: Aug 14, 2019 16:09 IST


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