Last year, Shilpa Rao took off for some fun-filled vacations. From Cuba, Paris and Amsterdam, to Berlin, Morocco and Vietnam, the singer enjoyed the food, locales and the scenery of all these places. In Cuba, she went on the trail of writer, Ernest Hemingway, which included Cuba’s capital Havana. “The trail takes almost six hours, and includes a historical tour of Cuba. You get to visit Finca Vigía, which was Hemmingway’s home, the town of Cojímar, where a monument was erected in his memory and Floridita Bar among other places,” says Shilpa.

The singer recently visited Vietnam, where she saw how people have stood up and fought for their freedom. “It is heartwarming to hear stories of war and how the locales fought back to protect their country and countrymen,” she says. She shares that dishes like Pho and different kinds of rolls just added to the fantastic experience. “When on a vacation, I always try and go for road trips, as it enhances the entire experience. You can stop by and explore your surroundings, instead of following an itinerary,” she adds. Shilpa admits that travelling for her is all about enjoying the moment and relaxing. She prefers to let go and experience the city or place she is at.

Take a look at Shilpa Rao’s wanderlust-inducing travel photos:

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First Published: Jan 11, 2019 12:06 IST


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