Wearing a pair of socks may not be a Herculean task by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s a case for why these should be considered as value adds to your complete attire. Before you brush off the complete idea of buying a good pair of socks and with care, you must know that their material, length (Decathlon, the sports store stocks socks according to shoe sizes), type and even their design hugely matters. Most of all, socks are a staple in the winters but it isn’t always necessary to throw the style out of the window just to keep your feet toasty to suit the weather.

Note: Choosing the wrong material in the wrong weather, may lead to your sweat glands producing an offensive smell, enough to drive living beings away from you.

With the popularisation of events like Comic Con India, many independent sellers who’ve had an online presence are taking to selling their merchandise via stalls. They’re in sync with pop culture and it’ll up your cool quotient if you’re wearing socks with your favourite superheroes, a cutesy design or even pop colours. Now even if you’re wearing a pair of floaters in a flat shade, a bright pair of socks will add the much-needed colour and may just become a talking point for some.

Coming to the length of the socks, you can choose from 8 different varieties namely, Ankle length socks, Quarter length socks, Crew length socks, Mid-Calf Length socks, Calf Length socks, Knee Length socks, Thigh High socks, and Slip On paddings. While the names are self-explanatory, they can be word in various ways across seasons. For example, wear the thigh-high socks in winters with thigh-high boots and pair these with a mid-length woollen skirt with a turtle neck sweater and a beret to complete the look or, wear the slip-on paddings anytime of the year (a word of caution: not in peak winters should you develop blisters due to extreme cold) with loafers or ballerinas. This is the best idea for when you don’t feel like wearing socks or you feel you’re not much of a ‘socks person’.

Take a look at some of these socks and their kinds and buy your next pair keeping a new learning in mind.

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First Published: Jan 06, 2019 10:56 IST


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