Enabling customers to pick HD and SD channels of their favourite genres, Tata Sky has launched 21 Add-On packs. The new Add-On packs start with monthly charges as low as Rs. 5 and cater to a variety of viewing interests, starting from cricket and music to knowledge and lifestyle, English movies, kids, and Hindi news, among others. The operator is offering the new packs with HD and SD channels. There is also a list of Mini packs with a handful of HD and SD channels in select genres. Tata Sky also recently brought regional packs for its subscribers watching content in Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The ongoing developments are a part of the company’s strategies to follow the TRAI rules as well as offer comparable options to that of other DTH providers.

The list of Add-On packs by Tata Sky includes Cricket Hindi HD with two channels at a monthly charge of Rs. 42, while Cricket English HD is available at Rs. 44 per month. There is also the Music HD pack with seven distinct channels at Rs. 11 per month. Tata Sky subscribers can pick the Knowledge and Lifestyle HD pack with 17 channels at Rs. 83 per month.

Similarly, there are packs such as English Entertainment HD, Kids HD, and Hindi News. Tata Sky is also offering Add-On packs with SD channels. Subscribers can pick Cricket Hindi with two SD sports channels at Rs. 42 per month or Cricket English with two sports channels at Rs. 44 per month. There are also the Music, English Movies, and Kids packs with SD channels.

If you want a pick a limited list of channels, Tata Sky has also listed some Mini packs. There are the Knowledge and Lifestyle Mini HD, English Movies Mini HD, Kids Mini HD, English Movies Mini, and Kids Mini that are available for as low as Rs. 21 per month.tata sky add on mini packs gadgets 360 Tata Sky

Just like how the option to pick a favourite regional pack emerged earlier this month, Tata Sky has provided a subscribe button to let you easily pick your Add-On pack directly from its website. You’ll be provided with a screen to sign in with your credentials once you tap the subscribe button after looking at the channels available under any particular Add-On pack.

Alternatively, the new packs can be added to your existing bouquet through the Tata Sky mobile app or by contacting the company’s customer service.

Tata Sky last month announced a three-step process to let its subscribers easily build their own channel packs – following the latest TRAI framework. The operator also released new channel prices to give the option to choose channels on an a-la-carte basis.


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