HONG KONG: Hong Kong riot police fired tear gas and water cannon at hardcore pro-democracy protesters hurling rocks and petrol bombs on Sunday, tipping the violenceplagued city back into chaos after a brief lull in clashes.

Tens of thousands of people defied authorities to march through the city in an unsanctioned rally on Sunday, the latest expression of a popular revolt that has raged for the last 99 days. The rally descended into violence when small groups of hardcore activists — known within the movement as “braves” — attacked the city’s main government complex. Police fired repeated volleys of tear gas and deployed water cannon trucks after Molotov cocktails and rocks were thrown over security barriers surrounding the complex, which has become a frequent flashpoint in the ongoing protests.
In the evening, brawls broke out for the second day. Witnesses said a group of Beijing supporters armed with poles and improvised weapons attacked people, but were then set upon by a larger crowd of anti-government protesters. Two men were to be rushed to hospital.


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