With fears of coronavirus cases on the rise, people are practicing social distancing and working from home. While you may be tempted snack a lot at this time, it’s a good idea to avoid binge-eating and exercise portion control. If you are a tea lover, go beyond the Assam or English Breakfast variety. There are a number of teas you can try…
1) Fennel tea: Had a heavy meal? Try this tea. All you need is to take half a teaspoon of fennel seeds and add them to your hot water. Let it boil for a minute and drink. It’s aids digestion and reduces the bloated feeling.
2) Mint tea: Want a refresher? Try some mint tea. To make it, take fresh mint leaves and add them to hot water. Let it steep in this. Add honey if you want a sweetener. Peppermint tea also works well for digestion. In Morocco, the tea is called ‘Maghrebi mint tea’.
3) Hibiscus tea: Aromatic hibiscus tea is made from dried flower petals. You steep the flowers on water until you get the crimson drink. You can also add a small piece of cinnamon or ginger to it. To make an iced version, strain and add ice cubes to it.
4) Chamomile tea: With its pleasant taste, chamomile makes for a comforting tea. It is also a relaxing brew. People usually drink it at night.

5) Rose tea: Subtle in taste, rose tea is made by mixing dried rose buds in a tea pot of hot water. It is allowed to steep and then enjoyed with or without sugar.


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