For Sudha Sarawagi, art was just a hobby in her initial years. But as she progressed in her life, teaching children how to work with the brush and colours, she took to painting professionally and she honed her talent.

She now runs a private art centre and has participated in several national and international exhibitions, including solo shows.

Sarawagi, who is a trained pre-school teacher with 15 years of experience, loves to paint different forms of the Buddha. Among her most recent works is ‘Enlightenment’, which was exhibited in Colombo at the Bodhi Sattva exhibition in June.

Earlier, her creations have been prominently displayed across galleries in Delhi-National Capital Region and in Chandigarh. Her art work has also found place of pride in several residences across the city.

Landscape is another subject she dabbles in frequently.

“When I paint nature, it feels like am right there in the lap of nature. I feel close to it,” said the 44-year-old self-taught artist.

Her oil paintings vary from being abstract to realist. Some feature landscapes depicting seasons, while her abstract creations are often featured in metallic hues.

One of her paintings shows Krishna and Radha on a boat caressed by the ripples of a silent river.

Sarawagi holds regular classes at her residence in Sector 48 and are well-attended by women of different age groups and children. She said that for some her older students, her classes act as an escape from their work, children and husbands.

“Some of these women finish their house work and then come to class even if they are tired. I have seen the happiness on their face after they finish a project,” she said.

She added that it was this passion of theirs that motivated her to keep on teaching art.

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First Published: Jul 05, 2019 16:01 IST


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