Parenting can be a roller coaster ride and honestly there are no set rules for parents. Every one has a unique parenting style and it is okay. But there is one question that a child psychologist encourages every parent to ask their child every single day.

The question is “What kind things did you do today?” OR “Who were you kind to?”

The first time I asked this question, my daughter thought long and hard and she was a little taken aback. But then she took her time and replied, “You asked me to finish my breakfast sitting on the table, and I did. It made you happy, no?”

Thereafter every single day I asked her the same question and she actually started considering an act of kindness like a daily task, which was a big development.

Some days she would come and tell me ‘who she was kind to’ with a big bright smile. This question helps in manifesting in children the importance of being kind because they start realising that helping others and being kind to them actually makes you feel happy.

Life is hard, parenting is harder but teaching them the importance of kindness helps us nurture kind people – who will in the bigger picture make the world kinder.

As a parent, what would you prefer hearing? Your child scored high in her maths test OR Your child is one of the kindest people I know. I know what I’d prefer.


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