Designer Chris Patty decided to make this Christmas little more special for his dad with a homemade jukebox. Now the highlight of this jukebox is that it plays songs with swipe-able physical song cards.

Patty shared his brilliant creation on Twitter. It is essentially a wooden box with card holder on top alongside a credit card-like swiping strip.

Inside, there’s a Raspberry Pi with Patty’s software. All the songs are stored locally on an SD card and are pulled up whenever their associated card is swiped, The Verge reported.

Given the theme at Patty’s house was to gift one another homemade things, he decided to go with physical swippable cards instead of the NFC-enabled ones.

He intends to make the charming console that he’s working on an open source version of the software and instructions so that people can make their own.

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First Published: Jan 02, 2019 17:47 IST


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