​Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has revealed some intriguing details of his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo’s barbecue parties and claimed them to be the noisiest in his neighbourhood. He also spoke about what’s it like to be part of Real Madrid’s Whatsapp group.

The German maestro stated that he could often hear the Portuguese’s celebrations from his own house, sometimes which went on long into the night.

As reported by ​Marca, in his interview with ZDF, Kroos handed out his opinion of Ronaldo’s parties in Madrid as he jokingly stated, “The nosiest [barbecues] took place at his place. Now and again we had go over and tell them to be quiet.”

Kroos also went on to reveal a wee bit about discussions on his team’s Whatsapp group. He said, “You’re on your way to the game, you have a chat and there’s always one who falls asleep, and WhatsApp always manages to get in touch with him.”

He concluded by revealing that despite the activeness of the group on Whatsapp, football and all other discussions matter very little to him when he comes back home. Kroos said, “Family comes first, when I walk in the door, my children do not care if I have won 5-0 or lost.”

Kroos will look to be part of Real Madrid’s new era that was ushered in by Florentino Perez in the most incredible way this summer. The midfielder ​recently dropped the trailer of his upcoming biopic which featured several big footballing personalities.


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