Formal or casual, short, long or mid-length, street or high-end, elaborate or fuss-free, the dress remains to be one of the most loved garments for all seasons and reasons. There is so much you can do if you have the right dress. There are not many rules when it comes to picking the right dress or even the wrong one. Shift, high-low, halter, wrap, off-shoulder, A-line, asymmetrical, body con, little black dress, halter, sheath, tier, smock, prairie, peplum, cocktail, T-shirt, tea-length, midi, mini, maxi, so many styles have been appearing and reappearing on and off the runway and creating a lot of buzz online as well as offline.

Apart from picking the right size, the ideal colour, there are a few other things to keep in mind while picking the right dress. Fashion is always open to experimentation but keep the basics in mind while you figure your dress type. If we look back, dresses have always been a representation of how women evolved and identified themselves socially, culturally and politically apart from the fashionable aspect to it.

See what appropriates your body, the silhouettes that make you have fun, the patterns that are symbolical of you, the textures that get your mood, the colour palette that speaks your mind, the cuts that embody your body language and finally, the dress that brings out the best in you and complements your other style choices.

Once in a while, go for the classic styles like the wrap dress, the peplum dress, the prairie dress or the one with an empire waistline. The elegance and simplicity to it unmatchable. These patterns give you enough space to make a style statement.

Dresses have had their very own evolution over a long period of time as per the approved etiquettes, ideal body language, societal reservations, class conflicts and gender biases among other more significant issues like ease, state of mind, personal choice, identity and individuality. Slip dresses or the pencil silhouette can be rebellious but why not? Grunge meets sexy and these styles come with a different feel of power and typicality.

Embrace your inner goof that also does not compromise on the fashion front with denim dresses, t-shirt dresses, smock dresses and the usual suspects, the mini and the maxi ones. Get creative and mix and match them with other garments that are looking for pairing.

Don’t be brand conscious. Focus on what you actually like and what works for you rather than picking something that is worn by many.

Do not overthink accessory. Give equal importance to comfort and style and if you do not like the typical jewellery trends, try and create your own. Mix and match metals, colours and materials and you have got yourself your own signature look.

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First Published: Sep 14, 2019 17:48 IST


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