​Tottenham Hotspur are hoping to move to their new stadium in March, but it is thought that the building will not be fully completed this season.

As they await the completion of the project, Tottenham have been playing their matches at Wembley Stadium. They have faced huge pressure from the Premier League to confirm whether they will be able to fulfil their fixture requirements, and the plan is to move into the new complex in time for the meeting with Crystal Palace in March.

However, ​The Daily Mail claim to have spoken to a source who is involved with the construction, and the belief around the project is that the stadium will not be fully completed until the end of the season.

The source said: “There are large areas that will simply not be finished in time.

“But if you can safely get fans in and out, provide toilets and food, the stadium could still host games before the end of the season, even while the finishing touches remain. The vast majority of the hospitality lounges are ready to go.”

Amid the uncertainty of the construction, the ​Premier League could opt to force ​Tottenham to play the remainder of this season’s fixtures at Wembley, as they fear the situation could prove to be advantageous to Tottenham or any of their upcoming opponents.

Harry Kane,Dele Alli

League officials are believed to have given Tottenham a deadline of the visit of Brighton and Hove Albion in early April and, if their stadium is not completed by this time, they will be forced to play their remaining three home matches at Wembley, even if the stadium is completed at a later date.

A source close to the Premier League said: “There are doubts about letting Spurs play at home for just two or three games this season but all will become clearer after Daniel Levy’s next statement. 

“It would be strange if the new stadium was ready and not used but there is the issue of competitive advantage.”


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