An option to edit tweets is probably the most wanted feature on Twitter right now. Back in November last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the company has been considering adding an option to edit tweets but hasn’t found the right way to go about it. Dorsey was at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi to talk about the youth and social change. Earlier this month, Dorsey suggested a 5-30 second window for allowing tweets to be edited, during an interview with Joe Rogan.

Twitter users still cannot edit the tweets they post on the company’s platform. To fix typos or other mistakes, the only option you have right now is to delete your tweet and post the content all over again.

But things might just change soon. At an event for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that his company is still thinking about adding a new feature that enables users to add some sort of clarification or annotations to their old tweets. This may be the closest Twitter users can get to editing their tweets.

According to Recode, Dorsey said Twitter could add a way for people to go back to the original tweet and add some context to explain what they might have meant when that particular tweet was posted. By adding that clarifications, users may not be able to retweet the original tweet.

Dorsey further added that the company is still looking at multiple ways to come up with a solution for editing tweets. As of now, users can share an old tweet and add more context by simply linking it to a new tweet.

A company spokesperson told Recode that if Twitter does build a clarification feature like this, it’s likely to be tested with journalists first. The company may be looking at making it available exclusively for editing news-related tweets.

At the event, Dorsey further added that old tweets could potentially ruin people’s careers. Adding a little context to old content could make a lot of difference, but most people on the Internet already know whatever gets posted on the Internet stays there in some form or the other.


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