Neeti Mohan poses with Nihaar Pandya.

Love, friendship and laughter — these three things define singer Neeti Mohan Pandya and actor Nihaar Pandya’s marriage, which took place on February 15, 2019. Both being artistes was certainly among the reasons why sparks flew between the two, and the bond is so strong that they complete each other’s sentences when we talk to them!

1. When was the first time you met?

Neeti Mohan Pandya (NMP): I think September 2017 at our friend Jimmy Felix’s wedding in Goa. I have been single for many years and I think Jimmy was waiting and planning for the both of us to meet.

Nihaar Pandya (NP): I had seen a photo of Neeti two-and-a-half years before and asked Jimmy about her and I remember telling him “inse mujhe milwa do”. In fact, I would remind him now and then, but Jimmy had special plans (laughs).

2. Who proposed?

NMP: I had to actually remind him to go down on his knees and do the formal proposal thing. So we’re at his farm house chilling when Nihaar had planned everything with my sisters (Shakti and Mukti) and his brother and his wife… While we were talking suddenly one of them played the song Agar Tum Saath Ho, there was a shower of flower petals and he went down on his knees… I was overwhelmed by the surprise

NP: See I am the best partner in the world (both laugh out loud).

3. What was the first gift you got from each other?

NMP: He gave me a spa session and then we went for trekking… But I guess he also gave me an iPhone charger and reminds me every day that how cool and useful gift he had given me. And I gave him a Koala bear key chain from Australia.

4. What’s your idea of love and romance?

NMP: Just being around him is so amazing. I love his companionship.

NP: Your friends, cousins tell you don’t get married, bahut jhamela hain bhai and all that. But then I met this girl and my life changed. There so much love and understanding that I feel so grateful to have her in my life.

5. What do you mostly fight about, if at all?

NMP: Well, he is the centre of attraction in my family. My sisters call him all the time.

NP: Just before we are supposed to go to bed she would be like let’s watch a web series and the moment we start, she would be the first one to go sleep.

6. And who makes up after a fight?

NP: Nahin hota… Even if something starts we end up laughing.

7. Do you check each other’s mobile phones or emails?

Both answer in negative

8. What’s the most irritating thing about each other?

NMP: He spends a lot of time on his phone playing Sudoku and other brainy games.

NP: I think she needs to switch off from work and taking care of everyone around her at times and take out some time for herself.

9. And one thing you adore about each other?

NMP: I adore his helpful nature. He gives so much love to people around, even those not known to him. He helps without any expectation.

NP: She is so concerned about her family, it’s always about them and very less about her. Neeti is so selfless as a person, loving and caring towards her loved ones.

10. One actor/actress you can cheat your partner with?

NMP: Not worth it

NP: Apart from being a wonderful singer, she is a good actor as well, so you know what I mean.

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