A post going viral on Twitter talks about a wedding with a difference, where female pandits performed the rituals and the bride’s father refused to do kanyadaan or give away the bride, saying that his daughter is “not property to give away”. The post, shared by Twitter user Asmita Ghosh, has collected over 2,300 ‘likes’ and a ton of comments praising their “progressive” outlook.

“I’m at a wedding with female pandits. They introduce the bride as the daughter of <mother’s name> and <father’s name> (mom first!!!). The bride’s dad gave a speech saying he wasn’t doing kanyadaan because his daughter wasn’t property to give away,” wrote Ms Ghosh while sharing a picture of the pandits – one of whom was identified by Twitter users as Kolkata’s woman priest Nandini Bhowmik.

“I’m so impressed,” she added.

Kanyadaan is a ritual that symbolises the father ‘giving his daughter’ away to her husband.

The viral post has been inundated with comments, with many calling the wedding “progressive” and “impressive”.

This instance is one in a long line of weddings where families have turned traditional rituals on their head. Recently, a Bengali bride refused to perform the Kanakanjali ritual, where the bride tosses a handful of rice over her head to signify she has ‘repaid her debts’ to her parents. “Your debt to your parents can never be repaid,” she said in a video which went viral.

In February last year, a beautiful picture dazzled social media as it showed a single mother performing kanyadaanfor her daughter.

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