Health experts and fitness enthusiasts have often emphasised the importance of exercise in a sustainable weight loss regime. According to a study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, exercise may also help combat internal, visceral fat that you cannot see or feel, this type of fat is particularly dangerous as it may lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation. For the study, researchers analysed two types of interventions — lifestyle modification (exercise) and pharmacological (medicine) — to find out what is the best way to cut down deep abdominal belly fat. The findings revealed that the reductions were more significant per pound of body weight lost with exercise.

“Visceral fat can affect local organs or the entire body system. Systemically it can affect your heart and liver, as well as abdominal organs,” said Ian J. Neeland, Assistant Professor at the UT Southwestern Medical Centre. 

To get a deeper analysis, the researchers evaluated changes in visceral fat in 3,602 participants over a six-month period measured by a CT or MRI exam. 

“When studies use weight or body mass index as a metric, we don’t know if the interventions are reducing fat everywhere in the body, or just near the surface,” Neeland said.

“The location and type of fat is important. If you just measure weight or BMI, you can underestimate the benefit to your health of losing weight. Exercise can actually melt visceral fat.”

Neeland noted researchers previously thought of fat as inert storage, but over the years this view evolved and fat is now seen as an active organ. 

“Some people who are obese get heart disease, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome – and others don’t. 

“Our study suggests that a combination of approaches can help lower visceral fat and potentially prevent these diseases,” Neeland added.

Foods To Cut Belly Fat

Your diet is an essential component of your weight loss journey. No matter what the fad diets say, starving yourself is far from being a reliable strategy to cut belly fat. When you starve yourself, you are more likely to binge later. Doing so may also take a toll on your energy levels and overall health. Therefore eat enough and choose wise. Make sure your food is packed with ample protein and fibre. Both protein and fibre helps induce satiety. If you feel full you are less likely to overeat. Opt for good fats like avocados, olive oil and nuts and eliminate trans-fat sources like fries, fritters and pizza. When it comes to carbohydrates, be a little extra cautious. Supplement your diet with whole grains and similar good carb sources.

Here are some foods that may help cut belly fat:

1. Tomato
2. Celery
3. Broccoli
4. Salmon
5. Apples
6. Barley
7. Aloe vera
8. Carrots
9. Chicken
10. Oats

Include these foods and see the results yourself.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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