It has been emphasised number of times that a healthy breakfast is key to weight loss. Breakfast is the first meal you have after eight hours of sleep; therefore, it is very essential to kick-start your metabolism. A good metabolism is a crucial component of healthy and sustainable weight loss. According to experts, adding more protein to breakfast is a good practice to lose weight. The moment we mention protein-rich breakfast, our mind is somewhere drifted towards egg-based dishes like omelettes, scrambled eggs, poached eggs etc.

While eggs are the best source of bio-available protein, the truth is that there are many other plant-based sources of protein as well that you can include in your breakfast and make it weight loss-friendly. One such vegetarian breakfast staple is oats- a versatile ingredient that can be used to churn a variety of delicacies to lift up your mornings.

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Oats idli is a sumptuous recipe that you can prepare for breakfast if you are craving for a blend of something flavourful and healthy. Idli is a kind of steamed puffed south-Indian rice cake that is enjoyed with soothing sambhar or chutney. This low-calorie recipe does away with fattening rice and its batter is prepared using oats instead. Idli is a popular breakfast item down south. It also happens to be one of the healthiest Indian foods we know.

Idlis are steamed and not fried, which gives them a healthy edge over fried pakoras and other greasy goods. Since idli is fermented, it is excellent for increasing bio-availability of minerals, vitamins and protein in food. In other words, fermentation enables better breakdown of complex protein and easy assimilation of nutrients. Fermented foods are also good for the gut health and digestion. A healthy digestion has been linked to weight loss too.

Here’s the recipe of  oats Idli you can try at home. Happy cooking!

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