The war is on and it won’t settle down soon. The war of style judgments, fashion opinion and social media restlessness. Who wore what? Who was spotted with whom? Who repeated clothes and who has never repeated anything, wardrobe wise. Who wore a knock-off and who celebrated an original? The biggest victims seem to be the millennials in Bollywood who have just discovered the tumultuous charm of being in the industry and how everyday is a lot to take. The feeling of being left behind, not creating enough buzz on social media, being defined and labelled by fashion veterans and most importantly, dealing with the trolls.

Over the years, the iconic emblems that have emerged over a period of time, be it a classic style, or an everlasting edge, provocative charm or shying facade, the names we swear by were given time to discover who they are on and off the camera and they ended up defining the most significant trends that we still are in love with and recreating them from time to time is always on our to-do-list. The new brigade of actors like Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey among others have shown a confident side and they know what they are up for as well and that clearly leads to how they want to be seen and shown. Sara is loved in her white churidars as well as her choice of colours whereas Janhvi is a designer’s delight as she seems to be very comfortable with complex designer wear and subtlety is not for her. Ananya Pandey is easy and casual and the girl next door image is building up. But what seems to be an important question is that have they had enough time to figure their original sense of style? Who they really are and how they are projected by designer labels and of course, the constant comparison with their peers? The branched influence is massive and even before we got to connect with the persona of these young faces, we have a pre-conceived notion of how they should be looking and what they should be wearing. A designer’s muse, a social media star, a trendsetter, a beauty icon, all such labels are being given too early and the time is clearly running out to even understand that it shouldn’t be that way.

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Every generation feels that they represent a newness amid prevalent tends and they are doing a great job. To each his own but the idea of authenticity still remains a vague territory. The style campaigners, the time-honoured role models in the industry intentionally or unintentionally shorten the evolution of style and a deeper understanding of it. Now, let’s talk about fitness and beauty. Fitness and beauty have undergone tremendous changes and they have come close to being a state of mind, a way of life. Anti-fit and size zero can survive together but the immense pressures of the gym effect and the number of hours put into the journey of “rediscovering” oneself is again, indistinct. As far as the notion of beauty is concerned, one trend comes and it somehow makes way into each and everyone’s regime. Why so much surrender?

One does not need to look and be like everything else around. Accidental icons are fun but not everlasting. It’s a wait and watch situation and for everything else as well, there is time!

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First Published: Feb 02, 2019 11:35 IST


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