A woman in Idaho was trying to break up a fight between two dogs soon realised that one of them was a much more dangerous animal – a mountain lion. According to a statement by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the incident occurred on January 30 when the woman responded to what she thought was a fight between her dog and another dog outside of her Mackay home. However, as she pulled the two animals apart, she realised that one of them was a juvenile, male mountain lion.

“The woman restrained both her dog and the mountain lion while yelling for her husband, who was still inside the house, to grab a gun. Her husband responded and quickly dispatched the mountain lion as she held on to it,” described the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

The couple then called local authorities, and a Fish and Game officer arrived at the scene.

The incident left a lot of people shocked:

Though the woman and her dog sustained some scratches during the encounter, they are both doing fine now.

Recently, a runner in Colorado fought and killed an 80-pound mountain lion that attacked him on a nature trail.

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